Nothing succeeds like experience

"Bravolab was instrumental in bringing key expertise to the table which allowed for a great deal of learning for our team, as well as cross pollination of ideas between multiple industries.


Though Bravolab’s efforts resulted in significant process yield improvements and touch time savings, their most important contribution was in coaching and mentoring several of our team members which was an incredible benefit. ." 

Bravolab’s style of work is always inquisitive and open-minded when approaching problems and taking careful consideration of external factors (such as supply chain logistics or customer sensitivities). This approach to problem solving and value creation has been incredibly important for our business. 


Global Aerospace Contractor

We are inventors, designers, engineers, builders and dreamers. We are the antidote to mediocrity. We have been called out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers. Our clients appreciate our fresh, minds-wide-open approach.

Our clients benefit from over 30 years of both practical, hands-on experience and engineering and design at the highest levels across a wide spectrum of composites.


In each of those 30 years, we have put both our minds and hands to the task of creating cost effective, simple, practical, solutions. As anyone who has worked with the endless list of materials and process options and the continuous stream of new materials and technologies knows its easy to loose site of the goal....

1) Make high quality parts your customers will buy and keep buying.

2) Make a profit and stay in business.

Sounds simple enough. So how does a business make this happen each and every day?


The answers don’t always  strike like a bolt of lightning. A sound solution normally is the result of multiple avenues of theory and practice coming together. And businesses often have circumstances at play that make them unique. 


Helping our clients reach the best solutions means forging a formula to answer the How, When, Where, and ,Why. A formula with longevity that when applied, will produce results across the board, and, most important, can easily be understood by all.

MJM Yachts.

Philip Steggall is a pioneer in the composites industry. From his involvement in the first example of a Kevlar hull in the 1970’s, to his ground breaking 60 foot foiling trimaran, SEBAGO, campaigned in the 1988 Solo Transat race, Philip has demonstrated free-thinking innovations that drive technology forward, safely and reliably. His unique perspective on complicated three dimensional structures that lead to significant advancements in the infusion of large complex carbon fiber structures at Gunboat and many other examples.


Recently, Philip and his Bravolab team has helped MJM Yachts new facility in North Carolina refine its process by reducing weight, waste, and, labor touch time. In my experience they leave no stone unturned in the quest for superior composite solutions. Every detail including labor, suppliers, process, materials and environment are under the microscope. 


For any composites-based company looking to improve their quality, costs, process and product, Bravolab would be on my short list of resources to rely upon.

Peter Johnstone 2nd Generation Chairman

MJM Yachts LLC