- Composites Engineering.

- Advanced Infusion.

- Process Controls.

- Training & Education.

- CNC. Programming to parts.

- Naval Architecture & Engineering.

Outdoor Enthusiasts. Experts at pushing the limits.


This is us.

The Bravolab Team has roots in every corner of the composites industry. We are a group of individuals with interests and educational backgrounds as varied as the materials we have studied, tested, designed and built with. 

We are aerospace engineers, naval architects, business experts, seasoned practitioners of composite construction, and, teachers. 

Our skill sets lead us to solutions based in sound engineering practice and a big dose of hands-on practicality.

For most of us Rhode Island is our home. It's also not an accident that we are part of an epicenter of composites development and excellence recognized around the world.


We live the composites experience every day.