Services are custom tailored to meet the client's requirements.

  • Company wide audit - Incoming goods to finished parts.

  • Composites Technician Training.

  • Risk assessment & management plan.

  • Large scale carbon fiber infusion - Laminate design through system design and execution.

  • Clean. Safe. Smart - Quality control start point.

  • Infusion review - Equipment and personnel skill sets.

  • Laminate design & Bill of Materials study.

  • Environmental controls.

A wise and well respected industry leader once said..

"if you haven't learned anything new about composites by 2:00pm you should feel uncomfortable!"

Actually, that was us!

Let us worry about that uncomfortable feeling by making sure you have the right tools to make smart decisions that propel your business. We constantly gather data on materials and processing and run hands-on tests and trials to asses the value and suitability. The Bravolab Team then helps implement the solution into your process and train personnel on the new procedures and protocols

Composites Technician Training, Sri Lanka.

Nothing Mitigates Risk More Effectively Than An Educated Team.

Establishing training for new hires or refresher training for experienced personnel offers a unique opportunity to highlight the company's commitment to excellence and continual improvement.


But there's something else, we have found, that emerges from a training session. And that is the chance to inspire and raise the curiosity level for all things composite. This almost always leads to trainees realizing they can do things they never thought possible.

Our training programs are designed specifically to meet a  company's culture and manufacturing process goals.  

The introductory level program is typically 5 days / 40 hours of classroom and practical exercises.